Ultimate Chicken Horse Game Play Online

Have you ever thought of becoming someone else? And see yourself not as a simple human being, but an animal, for instance. What adventures can you face in such unusual situation? Whenever you are ready to check it, you can try new command platform game, where you can compete with other players in ability to act quickly and without hesitation in order to get the best result and get to the top of the leaderboard.


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Peculiarities of the gameplay

Ultimate Chicken Horse allows you feel yourself at an improvised farm, because you will see various animals around you. This game is a multiplayer, and you may meet contestants from any spot of the word, and practice your playing skills alongside with them. You can choose any animal you adore, and become it for a certain period of time. Your main task is to get the highest number of points by building a particular level. You do it in turns with other players, and so you should think not only about your safety, but about how to make the lives of your contestants more difficult. Building a world is not so easy, but you have to make to the other side of a playing field. You have no idea about what is waiting for you there, because gamers create each level on their own, and your enemies can do everything to bring you down. So, in order to perplex your opponents, you should think about putting obstacles and traps to make them give up or add you extra time for building the level of your dreams. But make sure you know about the pitfalls, created with your imaginative hand. Otherwise it would be pity, if you fail to complete the level because of your own trap.

System of rewards

Each round lasts for only one minute, and this is very little time to figure out how everything works out. Taking this into account, you have to be ready to fail a couple of times, until you figure out the best tactics that will lead you to success. In this way, watching horses, hens, pigs and other farm animals can be very hilarious. You can earn reward not only for scoring the biggest number of points, but for doing other interesting things, like completing the mission first, or creating the most unpredictable and harmful trap. So to say, Ultimate Chicken Horse gives you points for many things, and you don’t need to try to be best in every way. Becoming a winner is not so easy, but you can achieve it by scoring certain number of points or be number one in top after a couple of rounds. Taking in account the one-minute limit, scoring won’t take a lot of time.

Notable features

You can play this game alongside with your friends, using a single computer. Participating in a cool adventure together and learning tricks of each other: what could be better? Cartoonish graphics is only a plus that adds special charm. You will hear an original soundtrack as well, and it will become a breath of fresh air that you needed all the time. There is a wide choice of blocks, and you can create any surroundings that are limited only by your imagination. The game is very dynamic, and you have to develop your own strategy to become the most remarkable player in the world. The most outstanding is the wide range of animals, and you can choose any charming character and make it to the flag on the other side without any losses!