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At first sight, Ultimate Chicken Horse may appear too easy but in fact, it gets more and more complicated with every round.  Its main advantage is that you can play the game simultaneously with your friends. Much fun and good mood are guaranteed! Check a character and be ready to give your rivals a hard time. The aim of the game is to reach the finish line faster than other players and win as many rounds as possible in order to become the winner of the whole level. At the beginning you’ll see a blank slate, but it will gradually turn into a platform with numerous traps and holes. Each hero of Ultimate Chicken Horse chooses an object and sets it whenever he wants before the round begins. Of course, you’d like your opponents to get caught in a trap but sometimes it happens that you fall in it instead. If nobody survives in the round, nobody gets any points and the game goes on. On the other hand, if all the players finish the round successfully, they don’t get points as well. You can change the characters before starting the next level: a raccoon, a hen, a sheep or a horse. Skills of all the animals are the same: they can run and jump.

In 2017 a new update of Ultimate Chicken Horse appeared, adding a new animal – an elephant. Besides, two more levels are waiting for you! In Jungle Temple you have to move very fast as a rolling boulder, which comes right after you, crushes everything on its way. This game will keep you on the edge of your seat and will definitely test your nerves! Another level is called Volcano. It consists of a series of shifting platforms, moved up and down by the lava. No more climbing here! What’s more about the update, is that there are new traps here: a wrecking ball, which kills any living being, and spikes that are activated by your touch. Of course, you’ll get more impressions while playing this game with a company. But if you want to play it alone, there’s a way out too – a separate challenge mode, where you can perfect your jumping skills. You will just get through obstacles trying not to fall or get hurt. Sometimes you’ll be too close to the finish, but accidently slide off the blocks. Don’t be mad, it’s just a funny game where animals have many lives, so give it another try! After all, failures make us stronger, so stay tough and show them what you are capable of! Let’s win tonight!