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Ultimate Chicken Horse shows how funny cruel things may look like. At this moment you might disagree with the idea, but you can’t know it for sure without playing the game! In fact, it’s a multiplayer for a maximum of 4 people, so you can have fun with your friends or family. In case if you prefer to play alone, you’ll be offered the Challenge Level to improve your skills in overcoming different traps and obstacles. There are four main characters in this game: a sheep, a raccoon, a horse and a hen. All of them have equal abilities and potential, so basically it doesn’t matter whom you choose. Your task is to select a trap, put it somewhere on the slate and be the first to cross the finish line. Only if other opponents die in the round, you’ll get a point. The one who gets the highest number of scores becomes the winner of the level. When you see a question sign, it means that you’ve opened whether a new level or a clothes item. In Ultimate Chicken Horse you can add accessories to your characters, for example, a strange hat or bright glasses. A raccoon who’s wearing a hat and jumping over bricks sounds hilarious. Would you like to have a look at this crazy performance? Then call your friends and get on with it!