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Ultimate Chicken Horse offers to become an animal within the game. It surprises and captivates from the first moment. If you feel bored and want to try something new, this game will not disenchant you.

It is a party platformer game. In other words, a player builds a level while playing it. There are 7 animal characters. You can pick among: Chicken, Horse, Sheep, Raccoon, Squirrel, Chameleon and Bunny. Moreover, 10 different game locations will place you to unpredictable spots. Sooner or later, the gamer will see: a marvelous Pyramid, floating Iceberg, urban Rooftops, hilarious Dance Party, noisy and overcrowded Metal Plant, Old Mansion, green Farm, hissing Waterfall, huge Pier, or even winged Windmill. All of them are full of hazards, pitfalls and traps. So, be attentive and avoid them as possible. As for the game modes, there are four of them. The first one is the default Party mode. The player has to reach the finish line the first, keeping within time. If he/she fails for some reason, the game restarts and the player has to attain the same goal. If several players reach the finish line simultaneously, the scores will be divided among them. The second mode is almost the same as the default, though the player has a wider range of necessary objects at his/ her disposal. Challenge mode if the third. It is a speed competition among the players. There are 2 leaderboards for the fastest results of single player games and multiplayers games.  The fourth mode is so-called Free.  It provides players with diverse objects, which can be used to create layouts, locations, etc.