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If you are used to simple domestic animals that hardly ever perform tricks, then you should check the Ultimate Chicken Horse out. Here you will find different inhabitants of the farm that will compete for the place under the sun. This is a multiplayer, and you can play with your friends, as well as with other contestants, whom you may never see in real life. Will you be able to take the victory out of hen’s hands, or you will be driven back by a horse or sheep? Try the game, and you will get the proper answer.

In this game not everything depends on you, because other participants will try to kick you off the game. They will put various obstacles, and you may also get trapped in your own hook, so you should be very careful. You don’t have too much time to play every tour – it lasts only on minute. At first it may be difficult to come up with your own tactics, and you may die a couple of times, but later you will develop a perfect strategy that will bring you to the top. There are several ways for you to get your points, and it would be better to use every opportunity to occupy the leading line.

Unlike other sandboxes, where you create your own world, here you have no need to think about resources or recipes; you already have all necessary equipment and blocks to build your collective reality. There are plenty of locations for to explore, and you can also create your own maps, or see what ideas other gamers implemented in life. You are free to play with your devoted friends and shape your gaming skills, or you may challenge the world community and get to the top of global leaderboard!