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If you are happy being a human that is quite ok, but sometimes we long for something different. What about becoming someone a skillful horse or sheep that is ready for any unexpectedness and build its own world? Now you have a great opportunity to do so, since the Ultimate Chicken Horse multiplayer is available all over the world. You can challenge your best friend to play with you, and decide who is more skillful, or you may take part in a world fight, and see, whether you are able to win, or not.

First of all, choose your animal: there are plenty of farm animals to choose from, and you may play for every breed. Your major goal is to run across the field and get to a marked point on the other side. You may think that here only speed matters, but it is not true. You are building a level, but you are doing it together with other gamers. You may make your life easier, or put traps on the way. This will make your chances better, if your opponent gets wounded, but make sure you don’t get into your own traps. There are plenty of locations for you to explore, but you will never learn everything, because every level is building at a real time, and your opponents will make it look different all the time.

Unlike other games, in Ultimate Chicken Horse game you are rewarded in several ways. You get your points not only by getting the highest score, but also by completing the given task or making the most exquisite trap. Yeap, here you may do everything that you want, and get points even if you are the last to come to the other side of a field. Remember that there is a time-limit, so you have only one minute to develop and strategy and implement it in life. If you are bewildered at first, you may be an observer a little bit, and see what tactics will make you a leader. Cartoonish graphics and funny sounds will make you laugh, and characters everywhere around you will make you fall in love with this game.