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Turn on your competitive spirit because four people can take part in this super game called Ultimate Chicken Horse. Sometimes you forget who’s playing which animal but it makes it even funnier. A raccoon, a hen, a sheep and a horse will try to get to the finish first and win the round. But before starting the race they’ll choose a trap and set it whenever they like. Black holes, chainsaws, shooting crossbows and more dangerous devices will become a large problem for your rivals. Bombs are very useful as they can both kill somebody and destroy previously set up hazards. When you see a question mark, it notifies about some unlockables for you to find, including new levels or items of clothing. And you have to find them earlier than your friends! So if you see a floating present somewhere in the middle of the round, grab it quickly. The game-play environment will be changing all the time, so you’ll never get bored! Ultimate Chicken Horse is a never-ending adventure!