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Ultimate Chicken Horse is a new engaging game that makes you play it over and over again. Cute animal personages allow nobody to stay indifferent, even the most demanding player.  There are 4 different game modes in Ultimate Chicken Horse characters. Each mode presents an entirely varied game and scenario. The rulebook offers certain options for players that make the game different and unpredictable, depending on the chosen game mode.

The first game mode is the default ‘Party mode’. Starting the game, the player has to choose and place a couple of hit-or-miss items in the party box. After that, all the personages appear and you can pass the level. The main task is to reach the finish line and to get points. If you fail for some reason, do not worry, as the game will restart automatically. This process will teach you how to go through this level and earn scores. The game winner is the player who manages to be the first to reach the finish. Sometimes it happens that the round time limit is over before that, in this case the winner is the player who has got more scores. When several players reach the end at the same time, all the points are divided equally between them. In case of the round end, Sudden Death activates. It means that all the contestants respawn and get second the chance to win the game within a minute. If it does not happen, the game ends in a draw.

The second game mode looks practically the same as Party mode. The differentiating feature is that the player unlocks the enumeration of goods and can choose any thing

he/she desires. If players are not satisfied with their choice, the chosen object, they can change it to something else. Sudden Death works the same as in a previous mode.

The third is Challenge mode. The mode offers to take part in the so-called speed competition. Each level has 2 leaderboards: one for the general results and the other for the fastest result with coins. It is peculiar when you play the game with many players at the same time, there will be a special leaderboard for the fastest results. It differs much from the single players’ one.

The fourth mode is free. It means it is not competitional. The players can have a lot items at their disposal and utilize them later on to make up individual layout in other modes. This very mode lets players activate and deactivate between level testing and item placement modes. There is a wide range of permanent objects that switch to the blank level automatically.