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Ultimate Chicken Horse 2

Whenever you have a free time, you have a difficult choice on how to spend it. If you want something really amusing, you should pay attention to Ultimate Chicken Horse, because it is one of the most popular multiplayers of the year. This game can become a star of any party, because you can play it with your friends, using one computer for it. Just imagine this wonderful activity: you create traps for your enemies and do your best to avoid your own tricky spots. The very moment you check out the outstanding graphics and hear the cheerful tunes of the original soundtrack, it will be impossible to take the computer off your hands, so great the desire to play will be.

This game is a cool platformer, so you can construct the level on your own. Here you don’t have to use presets, but nevertheless, you still have to deal with the corrections other gamers make to this very level. The thing is that you have to complete the level and get reward for this, but also avoid your enemies. They will try to do all their best to become the winner, and this obviously means that all other players lose. You het points not only for getting to the chosen position on the opposite side of the field, but by scoring the biggest number of points or completing certain mission.  So to say, if your friend fails, and you not – you get your points that may bring you to the top.

One of the major strong points of the game is that you create your own world, and it will never be repeated, because other gamers build it alongside with you. The variety of material is really big, and you can choose any, without bothering how to get necessary sample. By this moment there are nine levels, where you may perform various skills, and each round lasts only for one minute. So you don’t have much time to think about the strategy beforehand, especially because your opponents add traps every second. The style of the game is unforgettable, and you can choose any farm animal to represent you in the field.