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Ultimate Chicken Horse 2018

Ultimate Chicken Horse is a so long-awaited game, as it prepares some jaw-breaking updates! So millions of fans all over the world is looking forward to the international release and cannot hide interest and awe. Why it is so extremely popular among the youth?
As the developers claimed, a new elephant hero became the part of the game and changed it drastically! Moreover, new levels in a volcano and jungle temple, updated game modes, platforms, graphics, and attention to detail (even pitfalls are modernized) will captivate the ardent players and make them crazy about this ‘Elephantastic’ modernization!
The Challenge Mode, the most adventurous and perilous one, let players construct, save and share levels with buddies and strangers, friends and foes, taking part in international competitions. A renewed system enables players finding the most sought-after levels, ranging them and tracing friends’ results and achievements on the leader boards. It means that you can be in touch with every player and stay tuned for more news. This unique game offers to create your own level while playing the game. Locate pitfalls in the most unexpected places to deceive rivals and to reach the finish line the first. If your personage is more agile and accurate, you will be a winner, no doubts. It is unbelievably easy to play it anywhere with friends, using almost any platform.

The game let you choose between block placements and set up control; play locally or online; team up with friends, using one device or alone; make up, save and share levels; visit unknown locations such as noisy Dance Party, sinking Iceberg, evergreen Farm, romantic Waterfall, busy Metal Plant, grey Rooftops and even more; go up against your friend and show who the winner is; enjoy cute cartoonish style and amusing melodies; play as chameleon, squirrel, elephant, etc. And a lot more!!! The game seems to be uniquely styled, mocking, engaging, and easy-going. What can be better than that? Once tried it, you cannot get it enough!