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Ultimate Chicken Horse 3

A new long-awaited brainchild – Ultimate Chicken Horse 3 – of Canadian game studio seems to be internationally adored and played. An updated version of the game is really cool and engaging. Easy-going atmosphere, cartoonish graphics, sweet discreet music, and many more details make it so unbeaten.

Ultimate Chicken Horse lets you be a creator of levels while playing them. Everything depends on a player and it means a lot. Be attentive and try to avoid traps and hazardous places, if you manage to go through the level, you will be a winner. Vice versa, try to place the traps at the most unpredictable places and rivals will have drastic problems! More scores you get, more chances to win you have got!

The game offers various modes, level locations, and a wide choice of characters too. If you love animals, this game is your piece of cake, as the main personages are animals. You can choose a squirrel, bunny or chameleon and feel like a real beast! There are 7 characters and 10 unique game locations, so you will not get bored. Try and make sure of it!