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Ultimate Chicken Horse for PC

Would you like to know who’s the slyest among your friends? Then try this exciting game. In Ultimate Chicken Horse you’ll send cartoon animals to death again and again. But it will be funny! Start with choosing a character: a sheep, a hen, a raccoon or a horse. After that you are to pick one object and place it on the slate in order to prevent other players from getting to the finish line first. What evil traps would you prefer to set? Black holes can easily make your rivals disappear, while saw blades cut them into pieces. Even hockey pucks serve as weapon in this crazy game. Try to overcome all the nasty traps and win the round. Only if you are the one who survived and reached the red flag, you’ll get scores. If everybody reaches the finish, points won’t be given at all. When you get bored of your character’s look, add a stylish note to its image – a pair of glasses or a hat will be enough to make you laugh. You’ll be notified about a new unlocked item of clothing: if you see a question sign on the screen, grab it first. Ultimate Chicken Horse is a multiplayer, but still there’s a special mode for single players. Select up to four levels and improve your skills as long as you wish. As you see, this game can become a great entertainment for anyone! What’s more, there’s an update which includes a new animal – an elephant. Thereby, there are new levels too. So this time you won’t only jump on the roofs, have fun on the farm, but also see a volcano. It will be really difficult to jump over heavy lava flows, so make a strategy. When you need to accelerate, press the X button. However, nothing can help you if your friends put too dangerous traps on your way. Sometimes you’d better use a bomb to destroy previously set obstacles and make your life easier.

This game has nothing to deal with boredom and sadness. Who’s gonna be the sneakiest animal in each level? Gather all your friends and find it out! It won’t be a moment you forget in a hurry!