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Ultimate Chicken Horse implies building of the game level game by players. It means that you can choose a set of platforms, stationary snares and pitfalls. The main aim is to go through the level, if anyone dies, those who reach the finish get the points. In case of a successful passing of the level by each player – none of them get the scores. However, it is possible to earn some extra points for the following tasks: to entice the foes to traps, to be the one who finishes the level, to be the first player who reaches the finish, to finish with a coin or to make it up to the finish line as an outsider.
In the process of playing the person has to pick a character, he/she likes more. You can choose among 7 animal personages: a horse, sheep, raccoon, chicken, chameleon, squirrel, and bunny. It doesn’t not matter whom you prefer – all of them are controlled almost the same. The thing that differentiate them is the way they dance.
As for the levels, there are 10 locations within the game. You can bask in a Waterfall, feel like a polar explorer on an Iceberg, attend a Dance Party or investigate a mysterious Pyramid. Each location is unique and full of unexpected surprises and pitfalls. Some of the levels and characters are not at the player’s disposal in one go. If the level is not available, you will see a mystery box icon there. It means you have to pass a previous level and reach the end to unlock a necessary personage or take a new level. One more interesting thing about the game is that the player can adapt the character according to his/her preferences, and make a squirrel, for example, like a real celebrity. Try this game and customize the characters to your choice! It is stunning!